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KING SET for Solo Prepared Timpani

Caerwen Martin 2020 Duration 15:00

Premiered by Soloist Daniel Richardson on the 12th of March 2021 at Prudence Myer Studio, Ian Potter Southbank Centre, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne.




KING SET for solo timpani was written for percussionist Daniel Richardson with whom I worked closely in the realisation of this score. My deepest gratitude goes to Daniel for his support, commitment and advice, and to fellow percussionist Ben Smart for the generous loan of his timpani for the full duration of the creative development and recording process.




KING SET is a graphic ArtScore initially drawn in ink with a found stick on transparency paper. It is based on the experience of swimming at the beach in heavy surf conditions. In parts of Southern Western Australia, waves come in sets of three, straight off the Indian Ocean. A king set refers to a very large set of waves. Sometimes the sets of three come back-to-back with only small breaks in between, if any. It’s usually in a big swell with a strong current, and in water that’s just a bit too deep. You will need to be a good swimmer if you want to get out of it, and good at holding your breath, too. A long succession of recurrent hold downs is difficult to survive. Some don’t. This work serves as a metaphor for circumstantial depression caused by long term family violence. It is dedicated to those who survive and those who call from the shore.


KING SET for solo prepared timpani

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  • ArtScore PRINT of KING SET for Solo Prepared Timpani

    SCAN COPY of Original Hand Painted ArtScore

    Graphic Notation Ink on Paper

    Luxury Print Loose Sheet

    ArtScore Publishing Melbourne

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