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As an improvising cellist, pianist and singer with a serious interest in nature and found sound percussion, my work is heavily informed by integrated artistic practices in writing, acting visual art and photography. A multidisciplinary, crossover musician working in classical, metal, pop, theatre, world, jazz, and classical gothic hardcore, I write for solo, orchestra, ensemble, choir, pedagogy, dance, theatre, film and bands. Using graphic notation and visual art practices, I create ArtScores. I collaborate with highly expressive performing artists such as The Melbourne Chamber Orchestra, ACOCollective, Ben Opie, Inventi Ensemble, SiloSQ, Timothy Phillips, ArckoSymphonic, Coady Green, Duo Eclettico, Daniel Richardson, WCCO, Ken Murray, Ensemble Three, Asha Trio, Osscicle Duo, and Miranda Hill of the legendary LGBTIQ+advocate ensemble Homophonic!

Caerwen’s compositions are broadcast and performed internationally. Caerwen is represented by the Australian Music Centre, having written for performers and ensembles such as the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra, ACOCollective, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Arcko Symphonic,  Inventi Ensemble, SiloSQ, Collision Theory, Trio Tribade, Trio Denude, Speak Percussion, Trio Three, The Song Company, di Fraterniti di Solisti, Blair Harris and Caroline Almonte, Lyndon Watts, Marianne Rothschild, Miranda Hill, Dan Richardson, Ben Opie, Ken Murray, Joel Brennan, Peter Dumsday, Fiona Burnett, and Brandon Ross. .


Image Christopher Polack



artscore KING SET sketch.png

ArtScore notation sketch copy

KING SET for solo prepared timpani 

Materials: acrylic ink on paper

Original Materials: chewed stick, ink, transparency paper, manuscript

Image Caerwen Martin

Dr Caerwen Martin PhD works in graphic and alternative notation, they have produced graphic scores such as KING SET for prepared timpani (pictured) performed, filmed and recorded by Daniel Richardson, X-Ray Baby  performed and recorded by Arcko Symphonic Ensemble, The Agony of She for Solo Double Bass performed and filmed by Miranda Hill, The Leaf Remains for Guitar and Cello premiered by Ken Murray and Caerwen Martin, Leaves for solo cello performed and recorded by Caerwen Martin, and Scission of the five membered ring for saxophone and flute.



Two Muses Phoebe Green and Ben Opie.jpeg

Ben Opie and Phoebe Green at Tempo Rubato

Sheoak for sheaok, prepared viola, deconstructed viola and bells, 

Image Caerwen Martin

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