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"Be inspired by others and then do something different."  
Nigel Butterley 2015  



​Composer, Cellist, and founder of SiloStringQuartet, Dr Caerwen Martin is best known for their graphic ArtScores and fearless social commentary, addressing tough issues such as gender discrimination in pain recognition (The Agony of She), family violence (KING SET) and an infamous Australian historic abuse court case (The Awful Truth, Concerto for Cello and Virtuosic Ensemble). Leader, founder and composer of SiloStringQuartet of 26 years, Caerwen's work as a composer, cellist and multigenre artist continues to feature on the international stage and media.

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Caerwen Martin and Kazimir Krasovskis 

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Working with Australia's celebrated musicians has been a significant joy including Claire Bowditch, John Butler, Missy Higgins, Dan Sultan, Dr Lou Bennett AM, Archie Roach, Ruby Hunter, Jimmy Little, James Henry, Paul Kelly, Guy Pearce, Silvie Paladino, David Hobson, Kane Alexander, Marina Prior, Naked Raven, Hugh Jackman, John Farnham, ELO, Toni Childs, Katie Noonan, Tim Freedman, Cezary Skubizewski, David Chisholm, James Hullick Bolt Ensemble, Chamber Made Opera, Skin Quartet and Aphids, as well as working freelance in professional Victorian orchestras. Caerwen is the recipient of multiple prizes and awards


Caerwen Martin is the founder, director, events manager, cellist, and primary composer for SiloStringQuartet with albums such After the Dark, and Clouds for Electric and Acoustic string quartet receiving worldwide airplay and attention. The Clouds Album includes tracks Little Fluffy Clouds , Summer House, and Terry Riley's seminal classic In C, recorded by SiloSQ on electric and acoustic instruments in 2 full takes, engineered and edited by longtime collaborator, sound desinger Myles Mumford.



ArtScoreCreative is the newest venture of Dr Caerwen Martin, developed in their PhD of Composition and Musicology at the University of Melbourne, resulting in ArtScorePublishing, a new ArtScore printing company championing Australian Composers and Music Creatives.

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Caerwen teaches composition and cello at all levels of education. They are passionate about bringing music to students who experience hardship and disadvantage. Caerwen works from lived experience to raise awareness about mental health, discrimination, chronic illness and mental health in children, neurodivergence, gender safety and equality, LGBTIQ+ awareness, family violence, and abuse survival. Caerwen is an Ambassador and Speaker for BeyondBlue and is developing a youth music outreach centre in the Eastern Region of Greater Melbourne.


Purchase purchase digital albums or choose single tracks, as well as CD's from my library of recordings via the online store.

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